Light wrap is an essential tool when using a green screen and a subject. With that in mind, we found some great tutorials to help you add light wrap to your footage.

Whether you’re filming a corporate video, special effect, or a documentary interview, green screens are a common tool on shoots these days. When working with green screens, one step that many forget in post-production is the need to add light wrap. This light that forms around the subject is a key component for making the scene look more believable.

Straight Light Wrap

We found a few light wrap tutorials that should help you when you find yourself in the middle of processing your key. First up is After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey. Here Mikey Borup gives us the low down on how to easily and effectively generate light wrap for a subject and a digital background.

Light Wrap and Edge Blur in Adobe After Effects and Blackmagic Fusion

Kert Gartner with VFX Haiku takes us through another light wrap tutorial. In this video, Kert adds the use of edge blur along with additional processing in Fusion.

Want to learn more about light wrapping and chroma keying? Check out a few of the following resources:

Have any other tips for quickly applying light wrap to your key? Got any examples you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.