Integrate live-action footage with motion graphics for maximum text impact in this quick After Effects tutorial.

If you’re a motion graphic designer, odds are you probably integrate live-action footage and motion graphics very often. However, the process of compositing real and non-real elements together isn’t always simple.

If you simply drag and drop, the effect will look unrealistic and bring your audience out of the video. On the other hand, if you use a few of the simple tricks in the following video tutorial, you can help sell your composite and create an altogether cohesive image.

Fire Reveal Lester Banks Logo

The following video tutorial by Daniel Brodesky, we’ll look at how to integrate text and video to create an inspiring text reveal. The tutorial covers:

  • Compositing
  • Using Displacement Maps
  • Luma Masks

The tutorial uses free fire stock footage from Mitch Martinez. You can download the footage from Mitch’s website.

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