Learn how to create 2D animated burst elements in this After Effects video tutorial.

The 2D vectorized animation look has been popular for years now and rightfully so; it’s pretty darn awesome. The simple shapes mixed with precise keyframes make the vectorized animation style incredibly useful for a wide range of video projects.

Recently it’s popular to create 2D burst-style animation that can help distract and cover harsh object transitions. But how is it done?

After Effects master Mikey Borup shows us how to create these stylized vector accents using 100% native effects in After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Using Shape Layers
  • Smoothing out Keyframes
  • Simple Expressions
  • Offseting Multiple Layers to Create Fullness

This video was first shared by Mikey Borup on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing Mikey!

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How do you create vector accents in After Effects? Share in the comments below.