Go beyond the pick-whip when parenting in After Effects with this tutorial by Mikey Borup.

When it comes to parenting in After Effects, there is much more to learn than simply linking objects via the pick-whip. In fact by using a series of simple expressions, you can completely modify the way in which your parented objects work.

In the following video tutorial created by Mikey Borup, we will take a look at a few different ways you can modify parented expressions in After Effects.

The tutorial breezes past some of the basics related to parenting and expressions. if you are new to After Effects, check out this tutorial from Creative Cow.

This video was first shared by the After Effects mastermind Mikey Borup. Thanks for sharing, Mikey!

If you want to quickly master expressions, check out the JavaScript course over at Codecademy. It’s one of the best online resources for learning JavaScript, which is essentially the coding language used to make expressions.

Want to learn more about parenting in After Effects and expressions in general? Check out a few of the following resources:

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