Been away on summer vacation? Here are a few important video editing articles you might have missed!

June has been a surprisingly active month for video editing. From Adobe updates to insightful debate, we’ve found 9 fantastic articles every video editor should read. If you can think of any more, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

1. What is Offline Editing?

Created By: PremiumBeat

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Offline Editing

If you’re editing station gets frequently bogged down due to computing strength, then you might want to try a technique called offline editing. In a nutshell, offline editing is essentially editing with proxy footage at lower quality than your raw footage. The allows you to edit quickly and replace the footage when you’re ready to export. This helpful article from PremiumBeat explains Offline Editing in more detail.

2. How to Use Premiere Pro’s New Morph Cut Feature to Make Jump Cuts Disappear

Created By: No Film School

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Morph Cut

Adobe’s latest 2015 update has added a bunch of really helpful features to all of their video softwares. Most notably, Premiere Pro has received an impressive new feature, Morph Cut. The effect can essentially seamlessly blend documentary cuts. No more random b-roll cuts!

3. 10 Ways to Increase Your Video Editing Speed

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9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Editing Keyboard

Video editing is all about speed. If you increase your editing speed you’ll have more time to focus on the things you like. From keyboard shortcuts to final cuts, this article shares a few must-know tips for increasing your editing speed. If you know of any other tips for faster editing, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

4. Are You, as an Editor, Defined by the NLE that You Use? 

Created By: Pro Video Coalition

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: NLE

A video editing application is a tool, not an identity, but many video editors define their craft by the tool they use. Our identity as editors is wrapped up in our ability to tell a story, not necessarily master a program. In this inspirational piece from Pro Video Coalition, Scott Simmons analyzes this very debate.

5. How to Pick the Right Tone, Shots, and Music for Trailers

Created By: PremiumBeat

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Movie Trailers

Creating a trailer is no easy task. This article from PremiumBeat shows you how to create an engaging trailer using examples from Hollywood. The article is very theoretical in its approach, but if you’re ready to put on your thinking cap, you’re in for a good read.

6. Tomorrowland Film Makers Panel Discussion with Director, Cinematographer, VFX, & Grading

Created By: Cinescopophillia

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Editing panel

In terms of story, Tomorrowland was a very polarizing movie… but when it comes to VFX and cinematography, there’s no debate that the film was amazing. With stunning matte paintings and seamless compositing, Tomorrowland was a modern marvel when it comes to visuals. In this insightful post from Cinescopophillia, we take a look at an interesting panel discussion featuring Brad Bird, Claudio Miranda, and Tom Peitzman.

7. 10 Great After Effects Blogs

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9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: AE Blogs

As an artist, you need to stay constantly inspired — but it can be hard to find new inspiration if you visit the same sites everyday. Stay well rounded with this list of our 10 favorite After Effects blogs. If you visit these blogs everyday, you’ll never run out of creative ideas.

8. Golden Touch

Article By: Motionographer

If you haven’t seen the ‘Golden Touch’ Music video, stop reading this article and watch the video below. Don’t forget to put your finger on the screen!

Motionographer did a cool write-up about the video explaining how the director, Masashi Kawamura, came up with the idea. There is also a full list of the cast and crew included in the video.

9. 20 Free Online College Film Courses

Created By: Filmmaker IQ

9 Must-Read Video Editing Articles: Filmmaking Courses

Film school is expensive. So instead of spending thousands of dollars, check out these 20 free film courses from around the internet. While not every course is focused on post-production, there is a really good theoretical editing course from Pepperdine taught by Susan Salas.

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