While the words “corporate video” don’t usually stoke the flames of excitement, there are a few companies that get it right. Here are six corporate videos that break the mold.

Let’s face it, corporate videos have a well-earned reputation for being bland and lifeless, which is a little understandable given the subject matter. However, as you’ll see below, corporate videos don’t have to suck the life out of an audience.

Some companies have managed push the form to a higher level, leading to better brand engagement. In some rare cases, the videos have even resulted in every corporate marketing executive’s greatest dream — going viral. Here are six examples of corporate videos that get it right.

1. Shopify

Most corporate recruiting videos feature an actor playing a chipper HR rep listing off reasons why their company is the perfect place for potential employees. While this scenario does occur (to a certain extent) in the video below (via Shopify), it’s done in a far more engaging manner. This video maximizes engagement due to its movement and exploration of the workspace.

2. Twitter

Humor is a great way to engage potential clients and recruits. But you have to be careful — not everyone shares the same sense of humor. The comedy on display in this video from Twitter combines some of the most popular comedic approaches of the last decade; it’s Tim and Eric meets Community meets The Office — and it totally works. It also takes advantage of the current marketing trend that relies on retro or flat vector graphics.

3. Google

In this corporate video from Google, the videographers utilize an observational documentary style. Taking this cinematic approach helps tremendously in this instance due to the dry nature of discussing tech. By keeping the camera moving, intercutting solid slow-motion shots, and including interviews with a lot of negative space, the videographers give the video a more pop-culture feel. They also utilize a washed color grade, which speaks directly to the new media generation.

4. Apple

In 2014, Apple contacted Jake Scott to produce a video celebrating thirty years of Mac. Scott tasked videographers with using iPhones to capture video from around the world on the same day. The video (seen below) proves that you can convey what you need — even when shooting on an iPhone — as long as you compose your shots accordingly and utilize your edits appropriately.

5. CAE

This corporate video from CAE begins with some stunning timelapse video work, which serves to immediately engage clients and potential recruits. Just like in a narrative film, it’s all about how you hook the audience before providing them with the information they need. Slick motion graphics add to this video’s professional appeal and artistic approach.

6. Microsoft

This video from Microsoft is firing on all cylinders. It includes an energetic soundtrack, solid cinematic video work, and professionally executed motion graphics. It’s an artistic and pro achievement that makes it hard for potential recruits to turn down. The video’s energy makes it stand out against the cookie-cutter corporate video status quo.

Do you know of any other standout corporate videos? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.