Spice up your projects with these five simple ways of incorporating mirrors, and add depth and dimension into your shots.

Mirrors, when not used correctly, can be a pain on set. Say you’ve got a bathroom scene and you are wracking your brain to find out how you can get the shot without seeing the camera in the bathroom mirror. Well, let go of that anger about mirrors causing trouble on set, and let’s use them to our advantage instead. When shooting through clean mirrors, you can actually get a shot to look like it’s not reflected.

Boone of Shutterstock Tutorials recently released a video showing five different ways to utilize mirrors to get creative shots or solve problems on set.

Overhead Rig

5 Easy Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Videos — Replacing an Overhead Rig

Say you’re working on a cooking video that you want to record from above. A mirror can save you from the hassle of setting up an overhead rig with a tripod. Simply take a mirror and attach it to a c-stand. Tilt it until it’s a 45 degree angle, then direct your camera towards the mirror.

After some creative zooming and adjusting, it’s actually going to look like you are recording it from above! This also saves you the hassle of taking apart the overhead rig if you need closeup shots.

Shooting Low Angles

5 Easy Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Videos — Getting a Low Angle

Sometime shooting at a low angle in a tight spot can prove to be a challenge. Getting your camera at the right angle requires specific equipment that allows you to get close to the ground — unless you use a mirror.

Just like the overhead rig, set your mirror at a 45 degree angle, and shoot your camera directly into it. You can now get straight up shots without leaning your camera on a pile of books to get the right angle.

Adding Depth

5 Easy Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Videos — Adding Depth

Are you shooting in a tight space but want to add some cinematic depth behind your actors face? Well surprisingly, a mirror can do the trick. If you shoot into the reflection of the mirror where your subject is, you can zoom in and add distance to the actor’s profile, which can induce some sweet shallow depth of field.

Changing the Background

5 Easy Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Videos — Changing the Background

Don’t like the background behind your subject, but can’t really change the angle of the shot? If you position the mirror slightly off parallel to the subject behind them, you can utilize a different angled background behind the actor. This background will also be a a farther distance, so it will also increase the shallowness your depth of field.

Using Two Actors in One Shot

5 Easy Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Videos — Getting Two Actors in One Shot

If you are in a tight space, it can be tough to try and squeeze two actors into a shot. If you are open to a creative solution, you can have one of your actors be present in the shot through a reflection in a mirror. You can use any type of mirror here — a bathroom fixture, a wall-mounted one, or even a table vanity mirror. Whatever you can do to get two faces in one small space.

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