Are the elements of your corporate videos working together in perfect synergy? If not, use these tips to maximize your video’s effectiveness!

Nobody said corporate videos have to be boring. If you spend just 20% more time trying to make your video better, you’ll likely find your viewership increase dramatically. In the following post we’ll take a look at five easy ways to make your corporate videos better.

1. Add in Evergreen Music

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now: Evergreen Music for Corporate Videos

Good music has the power to radically change the way your corporate video is perceived by your audience, so a good investment in high-quality production music is incredibly important. Instead of simply going on a free music website and downloading the first song under the corporate category, try spending a little extra time (and money) searching for the right song.

There are a lot of really good resources out there. One of our favorite is They not only have a great music selection, but you can also navigate their music using keyboard shortcuts, which makes for a very quick music selection process.

It should also be noted that audiences will decide whether or not they want to watch your video within the first few seconds of viewing. So be sure to think about how your music comes in. While slow-building music may make for an impactful ending, you don’t want your audience to bounce before the video even gets going.

2. Keep Graphics Simple

It can be easy to make the mistake of taking your corporate graphics way too far. Graphics should supplement your overall brand and not take away from the content in the video. When you’re looking for templates, try to keep it simple.

3. It’s All in the Voice

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now: Narration Mics

It’s surprising how many companies insist on having their own employees do the voice-over, despite the fact that most corporate executives and employees are Terrible with a capital “T” at voice recording. Instead of spending hours trying to get CEO Bob to say “Low Hanging Fruit,” try spending a little extra cash and hire a professional voice artist.

Fiverr (yes, the extra “r” is supposed to be there) is a great resource for finding cheap and professional voice artists for your corporate video. You can simply share your script and (depending on the voice artist) the turnaround time can be quite quick. The same can be true if you’re looking for someone to do a quick standup at the beginning of your video.

4. Make It for People

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now: Client on Computer

Corporate videos aren’t always the most fun project to work on, but if you’re not excited about the finished video, your audience won’t be either. Just because your project is for a business doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. The biggest mistake you can make is looking at your corporate media as B2B (business to business).

In reality there is no such thing as B2B. People will always be making the purchase decisions, so it’s your job as a video editor to appeal to people. Make your video fun to watch and you’ll find that your views will quickly increase — and so will sales.

5. Consistent Design

Bad design is a quick way to lose credibility in the eyes of your audience. You don’t have to be the best graphic designer in the world to create a well-designed video. All it takes is a little pre-planning.

Start with color. Having a consistent color scheme in your video is a quick way to add visual consistency in your corporate video. From graphics to color grades, make every bit of media in your project supplement each other.

After your graphics and color are locked down, you can transition into more complex design consistency, like font choice and composition. With only a little research, you can create professional-looking corporate videos with just a little extra time spent in post.

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