These After Effects Templates showcase some of the best motion graphic design on the internet.


  • Type of Template: Retro Title Sequence
  • Why It’s Awesome: Beautifully motivated movements and transitions.

Optical is an incredible example of the creative potential of After Effects templates. The video has fantastic transitions between scenes that rival those found in professional title sequences. Like most of the After Effects Templates found here on RocketStock, Optical allows users to fully customize the video, text, and colors of the template.

Designer Titles

  • Type of Template: Ultimate Text Collection
  • Why It’s Awesome: A Practical Text Template for the Modern Editor

Designer Titles isn’t just a normal After Effects template, it’s a collection of text presets, fonts, and layouts designed to help serve as a utility tool for the modern editor. Designer Titles is an easy way to add simple, sleek titles to your video projects. Here’s a quick demo of Designer Titles in action.


  • Type of Template: Grungy Retro Graphics Pack
  • Why It’s Awesome: A great example of simulated hand-drawn animation.

Anytime you can give your project a hand-drawn look, go for it! Harlem is a great example of what a customizable After Effects template should be. No matter what type of footage or pictures you have, Harlem will give them a grungy, customizable look.


  • Type of Template: Fashion Video Slideshow
  • Why It’s Awesome: It’s a beautiful, modern template for engaging slideshows

After Effects is a great program for managing a lot of assets. If you’re wanting to create a video slideshow, After Effects is a great place to get it done. Marquee is probably the best video slideshow I’ve ever seen. With a combination of eased movements and a simplistic style, this slideshow is perfect for just about any occasion.


  • Type of Template: Event Slideshow
  • Why It’s Awesome: An engaging  professional broadcast-style graphics pack for modern events.

Professional graphics packs are often marked by their sleek, engaging designs and that’s exactly what Billboard is. The template is essentially an event pack designed for highlighting names, photos, and footage. The design is very reminiscent of that found in professional broadcast work.

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