Strap in for this action-packed roundup of VFX breakdowns from some of the industry’s best post-production houses!

Game of Thrones: Hardhome

El Ranchito was tasked with the VFX for the 8th episode of season 5. Hardhome, like many previous episodes of Game of Thrones,  had absolutely massive set pieces that called for thousands of digital extras. The 20 minute sequence took a whole month to film. By the time you finish watching the VFX breakdown, you can’t wait to go stomp some undead skulls.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 marks the end of Peter Parker for Andrew Garfield, being replaced by the much younger Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War.  The Moving Picture Company (MPC) just released their VFX breakdown of the creation of the villains. MPC even has a much more detailed breakdown of all their work on the film.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

MPC also released a look at their VFX work on Exodus: Gods and Kings. They worked on over 500 shots, including crowd work, massive environments, and parting the Red Sea.

Kung Fury

Like no other film, Kung Fury continues to release more VFX breakdowns. The independent feature continues to give fans and donors unprecedented access to content. It just further proves how awesome and talented the teams at Laser Unicorns and Fido really are.

Up first is a breakdown of the use of miniatures. Not every effect in the film was digital. Here is a really cool look at some practical effects and the tanker explosion.

The “Almighty Dinomite Fight” is a hilarious action piece between a giant metal eagle and a tyrannosaurus rex. Also known as the greatest idea ever.

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