Award-winning illustrator and animator Lee Daniels shares some knowledge in this video roundup of After Effects quick tips.

After Effects is an immensely powerful tool and one that animator Lee Daniels uses frequently. One cool thing that Daniels does is offer After Effects quick tips on his YouTube Channel. While most of these quick tips are for animation use, some of them can be applied to general film use during the post-production process.

1. Basic Vignette

Vignettes can be used in many different situations, from motion graphics to special effects. Or maybe you just want to add a little something  extra to your footage without getting too crazy.

2. Audio Precomps

In this tutorial, Lee shows you how to pre-comp audio in order to utilize it over several compositions.

3. Reversing Parent Rotation

Sometimes when you’re animating motions graphics you need to have portions of an object remain level while the rest of the object rotates. This will show you how to pull that off.

4. Keyframing Wiggle Expression

The wiggle expression is extremely valuable. In this quick tip, Lee shows you how to effectively keyframe the wiggle expression to generate a fluid animation.

5. Handheld Camera Shake

Finally, in this quick tip Lee shows us how to create camera shake. While Lee uses this for motion graphic and animation purposes, this similar theory could be used on footage shot with a tripod.

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