Here are some of the most accessible and versatile After Effects tutorials for your epic action project.

Top image via VideoCopilot.

Who says you need a huge budget to complete your action-packed science fiction epic? As long as you have access to programs like After Effects, the possibilities are endless — thanks to some of the savviest web content creators. Let’s take a look at some valuable resources for action-based effects before you start your next edit.


Andrew Kramer is back at it again with this crazy cool tutorial. This is a heavy tutorial, and it’s time-intensive, but you can see for yourself that the end result is stunning. The tutorial covers a few different topics, including the actual lighting effect as well as titles and logo reveals. Kramer says the project files for the effect will be online later this week, so be on the lookout.

Freezing Rain Drops

In this tutorial, Moraru shows us how to freeze rain drops mid-air. This effect is very popular with science fiction and comic book projects. The tutorial is quick, and it will yield surprisingly realistic results.


An old but still relevant gem from VideoCopilot is their epic Saber plugin tutorial. Obviously, you can use this tutorial to create a Star Wars-inspired light beam or sword, but you can also use this technique as a lighting source or a way to amp up the production value of any shot. You can download the plugin for free here.

Shockwave Shield

This VFX tutorial focuses on creating a force shield-type effect that can be useful in any spectacular action sequence. Ignace Aleya uses it to demonstrate a wizard summoning a shield; however, there are multiple applications for this technique, such as any kind of disruption or explosion in your sky. No plugins are necessary for this quick and extremely helpful tutorial.

Force Push

Like the tutorial before it, this “force push” method can apply to many different aspects of your project. Any moment or action that requires a sense of “force or explosion” can benefit from this tutorial. Much like the shield, this push effect is a seemingly simple yet intense way to amp up the action and tone in your video.

What are some After Effects tutorials you’d like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments.