Looking to make the move into 360-degree video? Check out these 4 tutorials that will take you from beginner to pro in no time.

There are a lot of people out there who are just getting into 360° video — it plays a vital role in VR displays, films, and even interactive content. Thankfully, the market is now saturated with affordable 360° standalone cameras that aren’t just six GoPros strapped together. If you’ve just recently invested in one and have no idea what to do with it, follow along with these tutorials to improve your 360° video game.

How to Make 360° Video Look Better

When you first open up your 360° camera, you might not have any idea what to do with it. Here’s a few tips to start getting better footage:

  • Adjust the bitrate of your recording to increase detail.
  • Stitch together the video in After Effects so you can manipulate the bitrate in post.
  • Record your videos with a still camera  — too much movement can mess up the quality.
  • Try using photos instead of videos to increase the detail in your image.
  • Use the VR Sharpen tool in After Effects to add a bit more bite to your image.

How to Stitch 360° Footage

Once you have gone out and experimented with your 360° video camera, you’re going to need to edit it in post-production before you can upload it to your platform of choice. We don’t recommend using the video programs that come with the cameras, since they don’t have the same capabilities as After Effects when it comes to manipulating your video. When you manually stitch your videos, you have a lot more room for customization.

Using the New (Free) GoPro 360° Effects

When GoPro released the 360° “Fusion” camera, they also released a companion NLE called “Fusion Studio.” If you don’t have a Fusion, they also offer Adobe plugins that you can use with any 360° video. With these plugins, you can create a multitude of cool effects, such as making a “tiny planet” or placing text in 3D space.

360° Video Effects in Adobe CC

After Adobe released the updates for CC2018, they included some specialized effects for 360° video. (This is after they acquired a VR company called Mettle and began using their effects.) With these new updates, you can view your 360° footage in multiple ways, such as “VR Compatible” style or viewing the footage as a sphere. There are also a bunch of new ways to manipulate your video with digital glitching effects and color adjustments.

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