Need free effects for your next project? Here are 191 effects from motion graphics templates to bullet hits, COMPLETELY FREE.

Everything can be so expensive as a filmmaker sometimes. When it comes to gear, cameras, and editing software – they can all add up really fast as you get deeper into the profession. That’s why PremiumBeat decided to help you out and shoot you a whole bunch of free assets for you to use. PremiumBeat’s “Free Week” has been a hit for the past few years, and they keep getting better. These effects were 100% captured and created in house by the PremiumBeat team, all for you to use in your next project! Check out below what they have for you this year.

Here’s how these FREE video assets and elements were created:

To download these effects, visit the PremiumBeat Freebie page here.

17 Anamorphic Lens Flares

Looking to emulate JJ Abrams by adding a bunch of lens flares in your next project? Well, you don’t have to go out and rent expensive anamorphic lenses or try to hit light at your lens at a perfect angle. All you have to do with these lens flares is blend them into your project in post production. All filmed with anamorphic lenses, these flares all have the classic “oval shaped” distinction to them that creates a better cinematic effect compared to ones shot one regular lenses.

Get Your Free Anamorphic Lens Flares

21 Motion Graphics

When you’re working on a quick project, do you ever wish you could insert some good graphics without having to open After Effects? Well with this pack, there’s no need to open After Effects at all. Thanks to Adobe’s new Essential Graphics tool, you can import motion graphics templates to use natively in Premiere. This pack comes with 8 customizable title graphics, along with 13 transitions to add motion and excitement to your videos.

Get Your Free Motion Graphics

40+ Space Textures and Elements

If you were a fan of our Nebula freebie released earlier this year,  then this freebie is the download for you. With 40+ different types of space themed elements such as nebula formations, star fields, and atmospheres, you can create entire worlds with the textures you get in this pack. You can even create your own planets:

Get Your Free Space Kit

70+ Action Compositing Elements

If there’s one thing that can take you out of an action film, it’s when you see a gun being fired with no muzzle flash coming out of it. With the action hits toolkit, you can create an entire action sequence with just the effects in the download. Add muzzle flashes to your barrels, dirt hits to the walls, and even spark hits if your bullets are striking a metal wall. If you are looking to find out how to create a shootout scene, check out this tutorial:

They have also included a Magic/Sci-Fi Toolkit, which is great for creating a “spell coming out of a wand” effect for any of your upcoming Harry Potter-inspired videos.  It’s even useful for creating forcefields.

Get Your Free Action Kit

40+ Footstep SFX

No need to capture footsteps on set (which is difficult to remember in the first place), since this pack has sound effects for every type of location. With footsteps on concrete, grass, wood floors, and even snow in several different speeds, you can match these steps to your footage to dramatically increase the level of your project’s soundscape. The best part about these footsteps is that they were recorded in a soundproof studio. So, you can isolate the sound of the footsteps of your choice and adjust their volume to your desired level.

Get Your Free Footsteps Kit

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