Need to spice up your holiday designs? Check out these 12 amazing free Christmas fonts!

Much like Christmas sweaters, many Christmas fonts are notoriously tacky. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some great Christmas fonts out there. Let’s take a look at a few of the best Christmas fonts online.

Quick Note: While all of these fonts are free for personal use, the commercial limitations vary from font to font. Before you include these fonts in your next project, be sure to check the commercial limitations.

1. Santa’s Sleigh

Free Christmas Fonts: Santa Sleigh

Santa’s Sleigh is a simple font that can be used to quickly convey information. The font is perfect for titles and lower thirds.

2. St. Nicholas

Free Christmas Fonts: St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is a distorted variation of classic serif fonts. Its rustic vibes make it great for both print and videos.

3. Mission Script

Free Christmas Fonts: Mission Script

While there are a lot of circumstances in which Mission Script can be used to create stunning graphics, it shines on Christmas projects. This easy-to-read script font is simple to use and it can quickly give your projects a Christmas vibe.

4. Olympic Branding

Free Christmas Fonts: Olympic Branding

Olympic Branding is the most stylized font on this list, but it is quite impressive. Olympic Branding is a great example of a font that could easily be confused for custom hand lettering.

5. Coolvetica

Free Christmas Fonts: Coolvetica

Coolvetica is a more lighthearted version of the popular Helvetica font. The font is great for Christmas videos or simply spicing up design throughout the year. I recommend using it on modern Christmas projects.

6. Xmas Xpress

Free Christmas Fonts: Xmas Xpress

Xmas Xpress is a great font that plays on classic Christmas vibes without being too ‘gothic.’ It’s great for digital Christmas cards and titles.

7. Milasian Circa

Free Christmas Fonts: Milasian Circa

Part playful script, part utility font, Milasian Circa is a great font for anyone looking to make their project look smooth and playful.

8. Atreyu

Free Christmas Fonts: Atreyu

Atreyu is my favorite font on this list. Inspired by medieval gothic design, Atreyu is an expertly crafted font that can quickly give your project creative symmetry.

9. Moon Flower

Free Christmas Fonts: Moon Flower

Moon Flower is the perfect font for anyone looking to give their project a hipster vibe. Moon Flower is only upper case, but it works great for adding authenticity to your project.

10. Intrique Script

Free Christmas Fonts: Intrique Script

Intrique Script is a custom font for creating easy-to-read script design. It’s great for Christmas cards and print projects.

11. Majesti Banner

Free Christmas Fonts: Majesti Banner

Majesti Banner is a fantastic font for all times of the year, but it might actually work best for Christmas projects. Majesti Banner is great for large titles.

12. Bebas Neue

Free Christmas Fonts: Bebas Neue

You might be surprised to see Bebas Neue on this list, but there’s no way around it… Bebas Neue is a fantastic font for motion design. It can easily convey the information you need in your project without taking anything away from your design.

Know of any other great fonts for Christmas? Share in the comments below.