Here are all the motion graphic elements you’ll ever need for personal projects, advertising jobs, or corporate production.

Now that PremiumBeat’s FREE WEEK has come to a close, let’s look back at the many free After Effects assets they’ve given away. From explosive elements and sound effects to customizable logo reveals and transitions, these assets are here to make your life a whole lot easier and save you some money. Here are some of the best and easiest elements to work with.

15 Explosions and SFX

For the action aficionado, here are 15 explosion elements to throw into your project. These elements are perfect for an action scene or commercial that needs explosive features. Included with the pack are 25 sound effects that pair with the explosions wonderfully. Download the freebie here.

16 4K Volumetric Light and Dust Overlays

If you need to know how to use and apply the overlays, here’s everything you need to know before diving into your next project. These light beams and dust overlays add depth and scope to your project by lending a general cinematic quality to any production. The pack is user-friendly and you can apply it in endless scenarios. Download the pack here.

9 After Effects Poly Titles 

Here are 9 different motion graphics easily customizable for anybody creating original content for branding work, commercial projects, or personal YouTube channels. Download the motion graphics pack here.

5 Camera Overlays

For anybody looking to add some compositing or save time by using a different camera, try out these 5 free camera overlays. Replicating found-footage horror films is made easy. Just throw on the camcorder or DSLR viewfinder overlay, and immerse your audience directly in your story. Download the camera overlay pack here.

16 Circle Transitions

With these 16 circle transitions, take your viewers from one scene to another with a stylish and fun technique. These transitions can also work for your next logo reveal or end screen animation (if you’re working with corporate clients.) The possibilities are endless with this timeless transition pack. Watch the tutorial about applying these transitions to your After Effects workflow here.  Download the free pack here.

20 Animated Icons

Here are 20 animated icons perfect for anybody specialized in corporate work. These icons will be your go-to for creating informative, animated presentations that seamlessly fit into your video. This will keep your clients and audience engaged and interested in your work. (The project file is part of the download.)

16 Free Transitions 

Like the circle transitions, sometimes your content needs a little spice. If you’re tired of working with the built-in transitions in After Effects or any other NLE, here are 16 unique, FREE transitions. You can customize these transitions with any color scheme you need. Download the transitions here.

20 Color Grading Presets

Anybody with any color grading experience knows that presets are not the final solution for achieving that wondrous cinematic look you’re going for. These are a great starting point for your next project, and they are easy to use, adding depth and range to your image. Download the color grading presets here.

Need more free tools you can use in other projects?

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