If you want to rule the world of motion graphics, you’ve got to do your research. These After Effects blogs are a fantastic place to start!

Becoming and After Effects master takes time, but thankfully there are a lot of really great resources out there designed to help you refine your skills as a motion graphic artist. In the following post we’ll take a look at 10 of our favorite After Effects blogs on the internet. If you can think of any more we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

1. Lester Banks

Motion Graphics Blog: Lester Banks

If you like watching After Effects tutorials, then Lester Banks is the place for you. The highly curated website features After Effects tutorials from all over the internet. From new plugins to expressions, each tutorial shows us how to do something awesome in After Effects.

After Effects Blogs: Lester Banks

Here lately, Lester Banks has focused more on how to create simple effects in After Effects, tutorials that focus on a technique rather than an amazing end result — but the tutorials are none-the-less helpful.

Notable Articles:

  1. Working With Basic Animation Principles in After Effects
  2. Automatic Versioning in After Effects Using Expressions
  3. Creating Light Rays With Standard After Effects Tools

 2. PremiumBeat

Motion Graphics Blog: PremiumBeat

As your probably already know, PremiumBeat is a fantastic place to find royalty free music, but what you may not know is their blog is one of the largest filmmaking, video production, and motion graphics blogs in the world. With a large team of writers, PremiumBeat seemingly has an expert for everything.

After Effects Blogs: PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat has exclusive After Effects tutorials from industry experts like Mikey Borup, Evan Abrams, and Joey Korenman. PremiumBeat posts on After Effects almost daily, and, with dozens of articles posted every week, we encourage you to visit back to their site everyday.

Notable Articles:

  1. 9 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers
  2. 10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under $100
  3. How to Shoot Gorgeous Documentary Interviews

 3. Pro Video Coalition

Motion Graphics Blog: Pro Video Coalition

If you’re looking for the latest news about videography and editing, then Pro Video Coalition is the place to go. PVC focuses on gear and equipment in a way that would make most professionals very happy.

After Effects Blogs: Pro Video Coalition

PVC takes a look at the industry through the lens of a seasoned professional. You won’t find any beginner articles here. Instead PVC focuses on high-end topics so you can understand your craft on a deep level.

Notable Articles:

  1. Camera Rental Houses Robbed. Be On the Lookout for Stolen Gear.
  2. Shot Matching in DaVinci Resolve
  3. Hues on First – Easy and Fast Colour Correction

 4. Motionographer

Motion Graphics Blog: Motionographer

While Motiongrapher isn’t necessarily geared to After Effects alone, it just might be the best resource for professional motion graphic inspiration on the internet. The thing that makes Motionographer different is the fact that they feature many Q&As with industry experts from every genre of motion graphics.

After Effects Blogs: Motionographer

From music videos to industry news, this is a fantastic place to visit regularly. If you’re looking for your next motion design gig, you should also check out their jobs board.

Notable Articles:

  1. Behind the Scenes: “Donning the Digital Mask: Anonymous”
  2. The Mill Tackles Monstrous VR challenges for Google ATAP
  3. How a Husband and Wife Team Took a Startup From Brand to Product Launch

5. Video Copilot

Motion Graphics Blog: Video Copilot

If you’re a motion designer, then you are probably very familiar with both the tutorials and products offered by Video Copilot. If not, then stop reading this article, go to VideoCopilot.net and your life is now changed. But you might be surprised to know that Video Copilot has an awesome blog as well.

After Effects Blogs: Video Copilot

While they certainly don’t post there everyday, the blog is full of helpful tricks and updates regarding tutorials and products. If you want to dive in even deeper on Video Copilot, be sure to check out their forums section where you can connect with thousands of motion designers from all around the world. It’s not uncommon for me to search an After Effects question online and to come across a Video Copilot thread.

Notable Articles:

  1. New Tutorial: Classic Car 3D Text!
  2. Clean Lighting with Element 3D V2
  3. My First Keynote: Becoming a Better Artist!

 6. Motion Script

Motion Graphics Blog: Motion Script

Motion Script focuses on exactly what the name implies… scripts. While you may not be into scripting yourself, there’s something on here for designers of every skill level. From expressions to Javascript, you’ll find many helpful articles here.

After Effects Blogs: Motion Script

Motion Script is the only website on this list that isn’t regularly updated, but keep it in mind the next time you are trying to work on scripting in After Effects.

Notable Articles:

  1. Expression Speed and Frequency Control 
  2. Realistic Bounce and Overshoot
  3. Mastering Expressions

 7. RocketStock (Shameless Plug)

Motion Graphics Blog: RocketStock

If you’re reading this article, then you’re already familiar with the RocketStock blog… Welcome! Here on RocketStock, we post about After Effects and motion design every weekday. Our team of AE experts share the latest news, tricks, tutorials, and inspiration for professional motion designers.

After Effects Blogs: RocketStock

In addition to having a (self-proclaimed) killer blog, you can also find a free stuff section here on RocketStock. In our free stuff section, you can find free tools and assets designed to help you along your motion graphic journey. Plus, if you ever have any questions about motion design or our exclusive library of After Effects templates, just ask… We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Notable Articles:

  1. Opinion: 10 Reasons Why CGI is Getting Worse, Not Better
  2. Automatically Edit Videos Using this Awesome AE Plugin
  3. Free After Effects Template: Digital Distortion

 8. Creative COW

Motion Graphics Blog: Creative Cow

Creative COW can be off-putting when you first land on the site because of the simple fact that the website is so poorly designed. I mean, surely a website with such poor design can’t teach you much about motion graphic design, right? wrong. Creative COW is actually a mecca of After Effects knowledge and industry news.

After Effects Blogs: Creative Cow

Specifically, Creative COW’s blog tends to focus on industry news and upcoming software announcements, not necessarily inspiration. In addition to a great blog, Creative COW has hundreds of video tutorials and the largest After Effects forum on the internet. Chances are if you have an After Effects question, it’s already been asked and answered.

Notable Articles:

  1. How Long Should We Expect a Tape to Retain Its Data?
  2. Finding my Adobe Media Cache Files and Clearing Up Space
  3. How to Succeed in Shooting Pet Portraits

9. Creative Planet Network

Motion Graphics Blog: Creative Planet Network

To call the Creative Planet Network a blog might be an understatement. In reality, CPN is a curated collection of news and inspiration from all around the internet. Creative Planet Network is a more pop culture-centric approach to industry news, with articles primarily focusing on the latest TV or film trends.

After Effects Blogs: Creative Planet Network

In addition to an awesome blog, CPN has a great calendar of industry events and an active forum for people to discus industry related topics.

Notable Articles:

  1. Sit Back, Relax, and Let This Experimental Short Film Sweep You Away
  2. The Creative Team Behind ‘The Living’ to Speak at Miami Creative Video Revolution Tour
  3. Realm of the Senses: Interactive Video Art That Explores Human Perception

 10. Art of VFX

Motion Graphics Blog: Art of VFX logo

For many motion designers, the best part about using After Effects is the fact that you can create amazing VFX inside of it. While professionals in the industry use a wide-variety of softwares to achieve awesome VFX, you can at least come close in After Effects. If you’re looking for inspiration, Art of VFX is a great place to start.

After Effects Blogs: Art of VFX

Art of VFX views professional VFX through the eyes of an artist. With interviews, VFX breakdowns, and engaging articles, you’ll likely find many sources of inspiration here. Art of VFX is also has an active job board if you’re looking for motion graphic work.

Notable Articles:

  1. Tomorrowland: Craig Hammack – VFX Supervisor at ILM
  2. Mad Max Fury Road: Tom Wood – VFX Supervisor at Iloura
  3. Marvel’s Daredevil – Opening Titles

You can’t learn motion graphics overnight. Check out a few of these awesome articles for taking your After Effects skills to the next level:

Know of any other After Effects blogs? Please share in the comments below.