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A sleek, simple collection of lower thirds featuring five unique styles. Use these titles for a variety of videos like interviews, website promotions, location intros, and more! As an added bonus, we’re also including a bug and logo reveal with tagline.

Easily customize fonts, formatting, and colors. Render with an alpha channel and you’re ready to drag and drop over footage in NLEs like Premiere or Final Cut Pro!

What’s Included?

  • 5 Unique Lower Thirds Animations
  • 1 Logo Reveal
  • 1 Bug
  • Font Files
  • Preview Slate for Quick Adjustments

Venue allows you to take this lower thirds aesthetic in whatever direction you please, with effortless customization and multiple variations to choose from. If you like multiple versions, you can independently adjust them and use as many as you want.

Key Features

  • 1080P HD – 16 Bit 1920X1080 30p
  • Beautiful Project Design – Clearly labeled folders, comps, and layers with intuitive customization.
  • Compositing – Render RGB+A and drop over live-action footage.
  • Customization – Change text, color scheme, and position.
  • Preview Slate – A still-frame preview slate displays all of the thirds in one place to allow you to see your changes quickly with out render time delay.

♫  Like the demo music? License ”Up and Up” by K-Lo Music at PremiumBeat.
☆   Footage featured in the demo video is available for license at Bigstock.com

How Does Customization Work?

Customizing Venue to fit your content takes little time. Within minutes, you can add your own text, logo, and colors to create engaging, dynamic titles.

GIF Scene Options 02

Simply open the project, navigate to the Scene Options layer, and choose your preferred colors. If you would like to add color to your own logo, check the box labeled “Colorize Logo” and choose the color you want. The Scene Options composition displays all of the available titles, so you can view your changes as you make them.

GIF Change Text

To add your custom text, simply navigate to the desired Text Composition, and edit the Text Layers using the Text Tool (“Cmd-T” or “Ctrl-T”). Pressing “V” will revert your mouse back to the Select Tool.

GIF Exporting 06

When you are ready to export your titles, you’ll need to ensure the background stays transparent. To enable the Alpha Channel (transparency), navigate to your render queue (via Create Proxy > Movie), and export to a format that allows for “RGB+Alpha”.

What Can I Use This For?

Venue maintains a universally applicable style so it will naturally fit whatever theme you insert it in. Add exciting, bright colors to bring life to your brand, or mute the colors and bring in some neutral tones for a more serious business feel.

Lower Thirds are used in everything from news television to web advertising, and while you don’t want them to draw too much attention to themselves, a little visual flair can look a lot more professional than static text.

These classy animations work wonderfully for commonplace usage like name tags for interviews, but they also look great in scenarios like product features or quotes. 



After Effects Template:
Lower Thirds Pack

Project Type
Frame Rate 29.97 fps
Resolution 1920 X 1080
AE Compatibility CS5.5 and up
Requires Plugins? No
Download Size 1MB