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Creating really nice typography is difficult. Designer Titles makes beautiful animated typography accessible.

You don’t need to be a designer to produce beautiful typography. You don’t need to be an After Effects pro to create brilliant animations. Designer Titles is a comprehensive pack providing compelling typography for the everyday user. No over-the-top animation, no trendy styles that’ll be obsolete in a year. Designer Titles takes a more mature, restrained approach. It’s your go-to title pack that’ll fit every industry, project, and person.

With 125 titles to choose from, Designer Titles will have your back next time you’re in a pinch for text graphics. The project was specially designed to be robust enough for professionals, yet simple enough for beginners. Whether you’re a seasoned video editor, a photographer, or a small business owner, Designer Titles could be the most important and useful tool to have in your library.

What’s Included?

  • 125 Separate Titles Total
  • 25 Unique Layouts
  • 5 Different Animation Styles
  • Unique animation in and outs
  • Font Files
  • 13 Minute Video Tutorial
  • Video Index for Fast Title Preview

With 25 unique layouts and 5 different animation styles, Designer Titles includes a massive 125 titles. Everything from main titles, to lower thirds, quotes, and even entire paragraphs are included. Each layout is fully customizable. Change the color of each title independent of one another. Tweak things like formatting and layout. Customize the speed of the animation or the duration of the title.

How Does Customization Work?

Once you’re set up with Designer Titles, customizing titles is smart and fast. Included in the download is a folder with the entire title collection in MP4 format. Without even launching After Effects, you can browse the various layouts and animations in realtime.


Once you find a title you like, you’ll launch After Effects and navigate to the title in question. You can customize the text content, colors, formatting, and even watch the animation – all in the same comp. Once you like the look, you’ll proceed to the render comp to adjust timing and render. It’s ridiculously easy.

Key Features

  • Advanced Customization – Change everything from formatting, position, color, and more
  • No Static Precomps – Customize content and preview the animation in the same comp!
  • No Timing Limitations – Change the duration of each title, as long or short as you need
  • Animation Adjustment – Change the speed of each animation in/out independently
  • Compositing – Render RGB+A and drop over live-action footage
  • Expansion – Create your own animations using the Pop category (for intermediate users)
  • Pro Access – Access keyframes with each layer to fine tune or remove animations (for intermediate users)
  • Combinations – Combine titles to create your own layouts (for intermediate users)
  • Beautiful Project Design – Clearly labeled folders, comps, and layers with intuitive customization
  • 1080p HD – 16 Bit 1920×1080 24p video for high resolution media
Please note: Designer Titles is not a title sequence. The trailer seen above is an example of how you can use the template. Designer Titles is a title pack containing 125 independent titles. They can be edited together in an NLE like Premiere or Final Cut Pro or combined within After Effects.


The 5 Animation Styles


Simple snappy animation, popular in syndication and commercials. Because the animation utilizes no keyframes, intermediate to advanced users can take advantage of the beautiful layouts and add their own animation.

Closing Title 01


A smooth animation to add a professional and beautiful touch to your content. It combines the perfect blend of fade, blur, and slide – rendering each layout with it’s own unique movement.



Simple and light. This animation combines sliding, bounce, and mattes for the ultimate sophisticated look.

Paragraph 01_2


A more glitchy approach, suited for fast paced edits and artistic videos. The look of the twitch will evolve depending on the content you type.

Closing Title 01_2


Featuring a buzzword, this animation has a kick, then resolves with a smooth, yet playful scale.

Closing Title 02_1

What Can I Use This For?

Whether you make films, own a business, or simply vlog, you’ve probably needed a title or two for your videos. The problem is that creating really nice typography is hard. This is where Designer Titles comes in handy. It makes beautiful animated typography accessible.

Need to show your web address at the end of a promo? Pop open Designer Titles and find a title that fits. Or perhaps you’re editing a testimonial? Add a sleek lower third in minutes.

Most of the time you don’t need an entire slideshow presentation or a title sequence. Usually you just need a title here and there. Designer Titles makes the process easy. It’s the perfect companion for your video needs and a must-have for your arsenal.

The Difference Good Typography Can Make

Bad Typography: Sloppy and unprofessional.


Good Typography: Sleek and professional.


♫  Like the demo music? License ”Counting Stars” by Reaktor Productions at PremiumBeat.

Designer Titles

After Effects Template:
The Ultimate Text Collection

Project Type
Frame Rate 23.976 fps
Resolution 1920 X 1080
AE Compatibility CS5 and up
Requires Plugins? No
Download Size 267MB